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When you are in need for sprinkler system installation in Fort Worth, give MainLine Irrigation a call. A popular way to water your lawn is with a hose and spray nozzle. Using a hose is costing you more than you think. You are needlessly spending extra every month when you could instead have a convenient and efficient way to water your lawn and garden. A professionally installed sprinkler system will help keep your Fort Worth landscaping not only looking great but also will save you money on your water bill every month. Give the sprinkler experts at MainLine a call today.


A sprinkler system is a great investment for any home. It makes caring for your landscaping a breeze. If you are thinking of having a sprinkler system installed, give the professionals at MainLine Irrigation a call immediately, and we can send out an experienced sprinkler technician. We will discuss options, placement, and products with you.  A properly placed sprinkler system will save you considerably on your water bill. But you need a company that understands sprinkler systems to optimize maximum watering efficiency. We have built an exceptional reputation in Fort Worth for our sprinkler know-how and unbeatable customer service. Let us show you why we are one of the highest rated sprinkler companies in Fort Worth.



When it comes to yard sprinkler system installation, you – the homeowner – need to take into account what your wants and needs are. With the right professional on call, you can decide if the yard needs a sprinkler system that can function once a day or once a week. Answering the creative questions up front helps determine what kind of install is necessary.  

Make sure these conversations take place in your initial consult with your lawn care company. At MainLine Irrigation, we ensure this conversation happens. We aim to get an actual idea of what you want your yard sprinkler system to do, so we make sure the consultation is not only informative but efficient. 



Customers can choose at that consultation to have automatic sprinkler installation. This ensures that the lawn is watered on a specific, timed schedule. There will no longer be moments where you forget to turn on the water sprinkler until it is too late and it is a bad time to water. There will no longer be times where you can’t remember if you watered yesterday or the day before…your automatic sprinkler took care of it.

With automatic sprinkler installation, the MainLine Irrigation team sets it up for you and shows you how it works. The only concern you might have is later on down the road if it stops working. That’s when you call the team for repair or replacement. Other than those rare issues, your automatic sprinkler does the thinking, the watering, and the lawn maintenance that you may not have the time to take care of.



Sprinklers aren’t just for lawn aesthetics anymore; consider a fire sprinkler system installation for your home. This installation guarantees several things, most importantly are the safety of:

  • Your family

  • Your belongings

  • Your home

Fire sprinklers turn on when the detectors in your home signal a fire. This system initiates automatically; you won’t need to worry about flipping a switch for the sprinklers. This system is directly coordinated with your preexisting smoke detectors. The ease of this system is advantageous for any homeowner or renter, and having fire sprinklers installed is a reassuring go-to measure that ensures the safety of your family.

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