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When you are looking for the absolute best in sprinkler repair service in Fort Worth, you need to call MainLine Irrigation. However, our team doesn’t just work on above ground sprinklers. In fact, we offer irrigation repair services, as well, to ensure your lawn or garden remains lush and healthy throughout the year.


We understand the importance of having a sprinkler service in good working order. Your lawn and garden depend on it. Having a good looking lawn is important, not only for aesthetics but also impacts the value of your home or business. Getting your sprinkler or irrigation system repaired quickly is crucial in keeping your lawn looking great.

Whether you have a leak, broken sprinkler head, or something just doesn’t seem right, give us a call. A leaky sprinkler system can destroy your landscaping and cost you a ton on your water bill. We have a team of licensed experienced technicians that are ready to serve you. We have the knowledge and expertise in all aspects of sprinkler and irrigation systems. MainLine Irrigation has built a solid reputation built on exceeding all customer expectations with their sprinkler and irrigation repair. So don’t put your sprinkler system in just anyone’s hands. Trust MainLine Irrigation.


Average Cost of Sprinkler Repair


Knowing that sprinkler systems are what we do best, you’re probably wondering how much we charge for our services. However, that doesn’t have to break your wallet. Instead, the average cost of a sprinkler repair depends on the extent of the damage. If the whole system needs to be repaired though, don’t worry about that either. We work with our customers, not against them, to provide great service and pricing.

Signs Sprinkler or Irrigation Repair Is Needed


The good news is, sprinkler repair issues are not going to arise without clear warning signs. Some of the most obvious signs you need sprinkler or irrigation repair are found here:

  • Issues with water pressure: If there is not sufficient water coming from the sprinklers, or there are dead patches in the yard, sprinkler repair is needed. Some of the issues can relate to faulty valves or leaking pipes.

  • Leaking water: Regardless of if this occurs at the sprinkler head or somewhere underground, resulting in pooled water, this is the most obvious sign that is an issue.

  • Raising heads: As your grass matures, it becomes thicker. Each time you resod, the grass will grow taller. This can cause problems with the sprinkler heads being able to raise enough to cover sufficiently.

Repairing a Leaky Sprinkler System


When it comes to leaky sprinkler systems, it is key that MainLine Irrigation comes in immediately to fix the issue. With a broken system, there can be over-flooding, and as a result, a mess to clean up. So, if you see signs of a leaky system, you approach it with a sense of urgency.


If you’re unsure if the issue is a leaky sprinkler system or leftover water from a recent rainstorm, it’s still worth investigation. Call MainLine Irrigation to address the issue The fact of the matter is, if you let your system sit without repair, it could cause irreversible damage. It is better to play it safe than to be sorry in the long run.

Image by Anthony Rossbach
Image by Phil Goodwin
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