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A common concern – and a valid one – of the Fort Worth community is foundational water damage. It is a well-justified worry; our climate is not conducive to the particular clay soil we have, nor do our homes do well in the spring rainstorms. Because this is a reality, it is important that homeowners consider investing in sump pump services and maintenance. Whether having a new one installed, or enrolling in a consistent maintenance plan, your home’s sump pump will do wonders in saving your foundation.



Your home’s sump pump installation is a pretty simple process. It usually involves our team coming to your home first to assess where the pump will go. This means we need to recognize areas that might be a good fit and at the same time identify areas that could result from water damage. Knowing what areas need to be addressed will make for any easy installation.
The sump pump installation itself will include our team spending a few hours, at most, installing the pump and showing you how it functions. This primary installation process is crucial; if you know how your system works, you’re more inclined to do periodic checks of the unit.



Once sump pump installation is complete, it should be tested regularly in order to ensure it will work properly the next time a heavy rain occurs. The pump can be tested by pouring a bucket full of water into the pit. It should come on automatically, remove the water and shut off in just a few seconds. If any of these steps don’t occur, sump pump repair may be necessary. This is another service our professionals from MainLine Irrigation can provide Cleaning the sump pump pit is also important, and all gravel, sand and dirt should be removed to help improve its efficiency and prolong the life of the unit. Failure to provide this service may result in the need for sump pump repair.



If you have a preexisting system at your home, you may want to enlist our sump pump repair services. Not only do we have the expertise to tackle the repair job at hand, but we also ensure that our customers understand what it is we’re doing at any time.

We want customers and homeowners to understand the value of this repair work, so thorough explanation of the repair needed helps to clarify any lingering questions homeowners might be afraid to ask.



These sump pump units within homes and businesses often require backup power. That technically is a sump pump battery backup. This secondary power kicks on should the sump pump’s original battery go out. It’s key to have this other source of power in place, as storms and power outages tend to go hand-in-hand.

If you’re experiencing one of those signature Fort Worth rain or hail storms, it is so important that your sump pump system functions around the clock. A battery backup ensures that is the case.

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