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MainLine Irrigation is licensed and insured, and ready to install, maintain, repair, and upgrade sprinkler and irrigation systems. If you have found yourself needing sprinkler help, whether it be to put a new one in or to fix your current system, we are ready to serve you. We have found that we have two major checks when we arrive at your home.

The first type of check is for those who are selling their home. When clients are selling their homes, they may not need updates and suggestions on new products to enhance their current system. We will only check for a working system, that all heads pop up, all zones turn on, and no leaks exist, to allow the home owner peace of mind to know that when the inspection time comes, the sprinkler system will not be an issue.

The second type of check is for problems currently existing and also updates and suggestions for new coverage to match their new and updated landscape. As time passes, the shrubs, trees, plants and landscape we install will out grow the sprinklers that were originally put in. MainLine is well known for being very knowledgeable on the newest products to make sure you are given the best advice to update your system to match your landscape, all while conserving as much water as we can.

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