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A healthy lawn doesn’t come from wishing and hoping, but from implementing healthy lawn practices. One of the practices you might want to consider for your landscape is that of whole lawn drainage. This flooding solution ensures that your lawn doesn’t become a swamp after a heavy rainfall. With yard drainage, you can guarantee that your landscape will bounce back from excess water with no issues.

Yard Drainage Ensures a Healthy Lawn and Home

As we mentioned above, when excess water comes in, it can create a swamp-like pond area in your yard. This is prevalent in Fort Worth, due to our shifting Texas soil. In short, your home’s lack of drainage could lead to a waterscape area that sticks around for weeks until everything can dry up.

Additionally, your home’s foundation could be negatively impacted by this standing water. Significant water exposure to your home’s foundation can cause damage that will cost thousands in repair fees.  As an easy alternative to all of this, consider lawn drainage. This keeps your landscape’s plants from drowning in standing water and prevents future emergency costs to repair your home’s foundation.


How to Improve Yard Drainage

To tackle this problem, of excess water that can negatively impact your home and lawn, consider these tips for improving yard drainage:

  • Invest in a sump pump

  • Have a French drain installed

Either of these two options provides for proper drainage out and away from the site of your property. They serve to protect the foundation of your home, as well as prevent flooding.

Sump Pump Yard Drainage


The benefits of a sump pump are well worth the investment. This device acts to pump excess water out and away from the home, ensuring the water is distributed into the street. This type of sump pump yard drainage ensures that both your landscape and your home are water-damage free.

Avoid the Problems of Flooding

Due to our particular soil makeup, standing water in our Fort Worth lawn isn’t going to dry quickly. Consider yard drainage to avoid the problems that come with flooding. In fact, lawn drainage is a flooding solution! Contact or call MainLine Irrigation today for yard drainage installation — your yard and your home need it!

Image by Kelly Sikkema
Image by Michael Bourgault
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